How to design a kitchen ? By Designaddict Interiors

How to design a kitchen ? By Designaddict Interiors

A well-planned kitchen is really a good kitchen.

It can protect your health, save time and effort in cooking. Make efficient use of storage space, and much more.

How to make your kitchen ergonomically sound.






10 Kitchen Design Tips by Designaddict Interiors

When designing a kitchen, put function first, says interior designer Amol. “There’s no ideal kitchen shape,” he says. “Whether it’s a galley or U- or L-shaped, plan for the sink, fridge and cook top to form a triangle, with no more than 6 feet between each for ease of movement.”

“The biggest mistake people make at the planning stage is not allowing for enough storage,” Amol  says. “Use every nook and cranny. Put overhead cabinets right up to the ceiling, rather than leaving a gap on top that collects dust.” Consider deep drawers for easier access to pots and pans, and include enough storage for appliances that otherwise would clutter up countertops.

Unlike in other rooms of the house, overhead lighting is insufficient in kitchens. “In the kitchen, you don’t want the light behind you, casting a shadow on the workspace. You need it positioned to fall in front of you.” use under-cabinet lights because they shine directly on countertops.

Be sure there are appropriate power sources for relocated or new appliances. Many people realize too late that they don’t have the right gas or electric lines, ID Amol suggests measuring appliances to ensure that they fit comfortably into allocated spaces. “If a dishwasher is crammed in, it could push up against the hose and won’t drain properly,”

There’s no such thing as too much counter space. Choose a surface that’s easy to work on and care for. But keep in mind that grout between tiles is hard to maintain and that stainless steel will scratch very easily.

Make your kitchen as safe and family-friendly as possible by planning for good visibility to backyard and indoor play areas from the cooking area, Also consider such safety-conscious elements as rounded countertops, slip-resistant flooring and ovens located at adult height to minimize the chances of accidental burns.

A range hood helps ventilate cooking odors, “Buy one that’s efficient, quiet and vented outside,”

Don’t forget to plan for garbage and recycling bins. Do you want built-in bins cleverly disguised behind a cabinet door, or a sleek, stainless-steel garbage container that’s positioned out of the way?


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Bathroom Design- Bathroom makeover ideas

A good bath refreshes our body and mind and a nice bathroom adds to the pleasure of having bath. A good bathroom lets you enjoy real bath and makes you ready to work for the day. To enjoy true bath you need a well decorated bathroom. A bathroom can be said heaven of the earth where exists refreshment, coolness, amusement, peace and harmony. Lets discuss various aspects of a bathroom.

Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom should be illuminated with proper lighting so that one could clearly see ones face while taking bath or applying makeup. Bathroom lighting should illuminate even the smallest object of bathroom clearly. Right lighting helps you feel fresh when you are taking bath. There is a large variety of vanity lights and mirror lights ranging from contemporary lights to traditional bath lights. Bathroom lighting fixtures should be placed at such heights that they could light up your faces without showing any shadow under your eyes. Always make a choice for incandescent light fixtures or bulbs that illumine your face clearly.

Bathroom Color Scheme

Eye-catching color schemes make your bathroom look cool and refreshing. Color theme of a bathroom should be consistent with colors of walls, tiles, faucets and accessories. White color scheme is a good idea as it makes your bathroom appear fresh and go well with any colors or shades of the room. The white scheme blended with serene blue is refreshing to the eyes and body. You can add accessories to highlight color accents in bathroom.


Bathroom Ventilation

Intensive ventilation is required in bathrooms where a lot of moisture exists. Large windows are helpful in reducing the effect. To keep the place dry an exhaust fan is required for proper circulation of air. It is necessary to place the fan out of reach of moving hands while taking bath.

Bathroom Flooring

Bathroom flooring should be nice looking, anti slippery, hard and durable. Its necessary to choose nice one for your bathroom. The floors must be damp proof. You need to pick up the right type of flooring. Vinyl tile flooring lasts long and is very easy to clean. A large variety of colors, shapes and textures is available in tiles. You can choose any of them according to your fancy. Marble flooring is also durable and very easy in cleaning. This flooring gives fresh look and adds warmth to the interior of a home.

Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom cabinets are ideal to place the stuff.  These preserve the dcor of the room and are available in a range of designs and shapes like antique, classic, and contemporary. You can pick any of them that match up with the dcor of your home. These add uniqueness to the space and often come with a sink. Sinks are available in a large variety from stainless steal, porcelain, glass, marble or even granite.

Bathroom Shower door

Glass shower doors are one of the most important choices these days. These are hinged at the one side and often swing in both directions. The shower doors look cute and classy. These doors are available in large variety of designs. Folding shower doors help to retain water inside the bath area. The main advantage of glass shower door is easy and quick clean up. This shower door prevents hard water stains on shower glass. Sliding doors are perfect choices for small bathrooms.

Glass shower doors come in a variety of finishes like nickel, chrome, brass or many more. You can pick any of the themes that match up with theme of your bathroom. You can either go for custom made shower doors that look quite contemporary or for traditional shower doors having shelves and seats. Corner shower units are perfect choices for basement bathroom areas.

In modern bathrooms, glass shower enclosures are taking place of the showers in the tub. These shower doors add warmth to the beauty of your bathroom and let natural light to enter the bath area. You can go for any of engraved or clear glass for more private feel. Thus you can naturally enjoy the bath.

Shower Curtain Rods

The rods are attached to the wall or ceiling above your bath tub to support the curtains of shower. These are usually screwed into the walls. Shower curtain rods are available in various shapes or styles like L shape which is designed to fit around a corner shower over your bath tub.

Its your choice to select curtain rods that match up with theme of towels and window curtains. Curtain rods add elegance enhancing the look of your bathroom. Nice shower curtains turn your bathroom into perfect oasis.

Wash Basin for Bathroom

It is the most important item in your bathroom. Wash Basin are available in various styles. But usually two choices are above all. They are:

  • Pedestal Wash Basin
  •  Cabinet Wash Basin

It depends on you whether you select pedestal basin or cabinet basin. People mostly go for cabinet washbasins as they are useful for small bathrooms. Wall mounts washbasins look attractive, hung from the wall at a desired height. It must be ensured that the wash basin is compatible with faucets of the bathroom.

Bathroom Accessories

Accessories are helpful in making a bathroom overwhelming. Right selection of accessories can make you noteworthy for the interior dcor of your home. You can renovate your bathroom whenever you get bore of old ones. Bathroom Accessories of latest designs and styles play an imperative role in remodeling the room.

Ideas for bathroom accessories

  • Stay close to the theme of your bathroom for lighting and faucets. Go for same color lighting fixtures if you have brass faucets.
  • Provide enough storage space for cabinets and vanities which provide ornamental look. Wall cabinets and corner cabinets provide ample storage space.
  • Make a choice for the theme of doors and windows similar to the home.
  • Pick latest designs of accessories like faucets, lighting items, tiles and counter items if you want to create new look to the room.
  • Consider the size of the area of your bathroom.

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Living Room Decor

Living Room Decor Ideas
The decor of the living room plays a vital role in making a statement of your style and lavishness, Here are some living room decor ideas that you can consider:

1. Throw pillows add warmth and comfort to the living room. These are important accents for living room decor. Throw pillows can add splashes of bold colors to an otherwise pale color scheme.

2. You can use area rugs to cover up unattractive areas of carpet and floors and define seating areas of the living room. For a large living room, rugs are a great asset for defining more than one seating areas of the room.

3. Painting your living room walls with a paste shades or neutral color as white or beige gives you more choices while buying furniture and furnishings for the room for creating the character of the room.

4. Layered lighting plan is best for living rooms. By this you can spotlight the reading area or the entertainment area. You can use uniform lighting for a casual family gathering and disco lights or accent lighting for party time.

5. Entertainment unit is fast gaining attention in the modern living room decor and design ideas.

6. Specialty areas can be created using painted decorative screens in a large living room.

7. Generally, it is better to have deeper shades for media spaces while multi-purpose and versatile areas are generally painted in pale and muted colors.

8. Modern living room decor also features such items as such as bookcases with wide shelves for DVDs and other collectibles.

9. Furnishings, curtains, blinds, cushions can add color, style and pattern to the decor of the living room.

Colour Schemes :

1. Black and White Always a classic, black and white looks crisp, clean, and classy. Think black and white checkerboard floors, black furniture against white walls, or black striped drapes against a wall of red. 2. Blue and White Soothing and serene, blue and white reminds us of lakes, sky, and sea. The look of blue and white can be interpreted in a nautical theme, spa-like sophistication, or in a formal French toile. Pastel robin’s egg blue is pretty when applied to the wall, while deeper tones of navy are perfect for upholstery. 3. Red and White A red and white scheme is often used for patterned toiles and checks. However, this is only one use of the scheme. Themed decor with strawberries or apple motifs can also be done in red and white. For a contemporary look try red and white with small touches of another dramatic color like black, aqua, or hot pink. 4. Green and White Green is a relaxing hue in many of its iterations. Garden greens can be used in a one-color scheme in motifs of leaves and ferns. Look for soft green toile fabrics too. Neighboring greens — yellow-green or blue-green — can give greens a punch in a decorating scheme that uses lime or aqua. 5. Brown and White Brown is one of the newest darlings of decorating. Dark brown walls envelop a room in a cozy coating of bittersweet chocolate hues. This scheme needs lots of white to balance the darker tones, but is easy to live with and dramatically attractive. 6. Tan and White Not ready for dark brown? Perhaps a lighter tan is your cup of tea. Consider everything from a medium saddle tan to a pale sandy tone for the walls, outlined everywhere with white moldings. Matching furniture will create a neutral palette that can be easily updated with pops of color whenever you please. 7. Pastels and White Pale colors look wonderful paired with white. If you love pastels consider painting every room a different tint — pink, yellow, pale green, baby blue, and aqua — for a home you will truly adore. Again, white will tie the spaces together with moldings and trim. 8. Orange and White Though it may not yet be a mainstream color, orange is making a strong comeback in popularity. Coastal homes use this color that harkens to fresh citrus while middle-America prizes the color for the overwhelmingly happy note it adds to a space. Even on a dreary day it would be hard to be sad in a room dashed with orange and white. 9. Purple and White Passionate purple is most often used for kids’ rooms, yet subtler tones of purple can be effective in the bedroom and bath. Though some people do not enjoy this hue, if you’re in love with it, then find ways to use it in your home. 10. White and White Brilliant whites might be hard to live with for some, yet softer tones of ivory, beige, cream, and milky hues may just be your idea of heaven. These whites are tinged with undertones of color and can bring subtle distinction to your home.

Kitchen cabinets -by


Kitchen cabinets are no more  apart of luxury but have become a part of regular.  The woman of the family spends most of her time in this room and it has to be elegant, pleasing and more than anything (Utility).  Kitchens can vary from 30,000 to 2 lakhs.

Carpentry Mademarine ply
The materials used are BWR (Boiled Water Resistant) plywood   with lamination on one side  and  enamel paint on  the  back  side of the  shutters.  There is a wide range of lamination   available and   hence   the look of  the   kitchen   can be made to suit your choice and taste.

Post Formed Laminated

post form
Post formation is the mechanism of heat pressing laminiation on BWR plywood.  This is long lasting and is water proof.  The only disadvantage of this is that the pattern on shutters, are not possible as it is a lamination board.


The PVC membrane is pressed on the MDF (Mild Density Fibre) board.  Any pattern can be made on the shutters and the kitchen would look very elegant.  These membranes are imported from Germany and a variety of colors are available to choose from.  Generally all readymade kitchens are made using this.  The life of this product may be around 5 – 7 years.


Rubber teakwood
This white / teak kitchen looks very elegant and is long lasting.  This is made of rubber / teak wood and hence has a natural finish.


The kitchen is carpentry made with BWR plywood.  The finish is Duco painting.  There is a wide variety of color shades available to choose from.

Hardware that can be used in the kitchen

Corosal Unit
Thali Vasket
Bottle Pullout Unit
Cutlery Organiser
Pantry Unit
Dustbin Holder
Pre laminated boards
Kitchen can be made of pre laminated boards available in market. Pre lam boards are ply boards which are laminated on both sides.


Elements of Interior Design,

Elements of Interior Design

Interior design is not just the simple concept of furniture layout. It involves the entire ‘feeling’ of a space. Many elements come into play in a very subtle, yet effective way. For example, an interior designer can create a mood or feeling by working with lighting, materials, textures, colors, furniture types, etc. All of these elements working together can create a dramatic effect.

Also, interior designers often design the room, as we have discussed, from the inside out. They develop a plan based upon what will happen in the room or group of rooms. Often, those not trained in interior design attempt to create a room by starting with the outside dimensions. They then try to make a plan or layout work based on those outside constraints. This method can lead to very unworkable layouts.

Interior design is a blend of common sense and creativity. Our personal habits dictate what is comfortable to us. Those feelings should be conveyed to a designer. At that point, the designer can add the creative touch to create a room which will be both functionally and visually pleasing.

The subject of interior design has been extensively documented. There is a huge volume of fine literature concerning the subject. Many books are available that deal with the introductory level of basic interior design. Often these books are available at a local library, or a university library which has a design program. These collegiate libraries often extend lending privileges to individuals who carry a regular library card. I highly recommend that you visit your local library or bookstore should you wish to investigate this topic