Daspark hotel

Welcome to Das Park Hotel in Linz, Austria. This unique hotel has transformed standard concrete sewer pipes into hotel rooms, simply by giving them a back wall and large front door, and drilling a window in the side for a little bit of natural light. Throw in a lamp, a bed, and some sleeping bags

Hotel interior's

Hotel interior's





The three pipes/rooms are part of a larger hostel/hotel complex, which can be seen in the background of the two images above. My understanding of it is that visitors would normally stay in the main building, but can request the pipes instead [at extra cost? I’m not sure] – you get a key-code for the lock on the room, and enjoy your cylindrical accommodations. All the amenities – showers, toilets, mini bar, cafeteria, etc. are located in the main building.


I’d be interested to know the designer – feel free to write us -designaddict.pune@gmail.com



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