How to protect wood furniture?

How to Protect Wood Furniture  
Wood furniture offers a gorgeous look to your room but after some time it begins to lose its luster. To preserve shining of wood furniture, you should pay proper attention.By applying simple guidelines, you can make your wood furniture gorgeous for long time.Protect your wood furniture from the following factorsProtect Wood Furniture from Moisture

Moisture affects your wood furniture greatly. High moisture level results in swelling of wood whereas low moisture level results in splitting or cracking of wood. High humidity causes the growth of mould on your wood furniture. With the help of humidifier, you can maintain a relative humidity of around 50 percent. Water proof covers can protect your wood furniture from moisture.


Protect Wood Furniture from Sunlight

Rays of the Sun can change color of your wood furniture. You have to place your wood furniture in suitable area of your home. If you place it in bright area, excessive light will change its shade. Extreme dry conditions will cause crack to wood. You can protect your wood furniture from direct sunlight by applying a thin screen or film on windows. This screen does not allow to UV light to enter the room. You can also use table pads.


Protect Wood Furniture from Scratches

Place pads and mats under vases, glasses and cups to protect your wood furniture. Pads and mats save the wood furniture from scratches and stains and heated objects. Do not use plastic or rubber on natural wood surfaces as they may soften and damage finish. If your wooden furniture has some small scratches, you can conceal them with scratch cover product. But if scratches are large, try using a felt tip pen or shoe polish in a color closely matched with wood furniture.

 (Mats on table)

 (Fill Scratches with a Felt  Tip Pen)






Protect Wood Furniture from Water Rings

Use pads, mats and coasters etc. on your wood furniture otherwise rings or marks may appear on it. You can erase water rings or color rings from your wooden furniture by making a mixture of cigarette ashes and cooking oil.  You have to scrub water ring with a sand paper. Now rub the mixture of oil and ash onto the wood.

(Water Rings on Wooden Table)



                  (Scrubbing Water Ring with Sand Paper)




Polish Wood Furniture Timely

Get your furniture polished at least three or four times in a year. Don’t use excessive polish on your furniture as it may build up a cloudy layer. Wipe off extra polish before it dries. Do not mix different types of polish. Oil makes wax gummy. Clean the surface of furniture thoroughly before changing furniture care products. 

Cleaning of Wood Furniture

Dust your wooden furniture regularly, otherwise a thin layer of dirt will deposit on them. Soft clothes and feather dusters are suitable cleaning tools to protect your wood furniture. Vacuuming removes dust gently from the surfaces of your wooden furniture. You can use soft towel or soft cloth to wipe out dust. Dust furniture before vacuuming the floors. If the finish is water resistant, a wet towel or cloth will wipe away dust.


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