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Elements of Interior Design

Interior design is not just the simple concept of furniture layout. It involves the entire ‘feeling’ of a space. Many elements come into play in a very subtle, yet effective way. For example, an interior designer can create a mood or feeling by working with lighting, materials, textures, colors, furniture types, etc. All of these elements working together can create a dramatic effect.

Also, interior designers often design the room, as we have discussed, from the inside out. They develop a plan based upon what will happen in the room or group of rooms. Often, those not trained in interior design attempt to create a room by starting with the outside dimensions. They then try to make a plan or layout work based on those outside constraints. This method can lead to very unworkable layouts.

Interior design is a blend of common sense and creativity. Our personal habits dictate what is comfortable to us. Those feelings should be conveyed to a designer. At that point, the designer can add the creative touch to create a room which will be both functionally and visually pleasing.

The subject of interior design has been extensively documented. There is a huge volume of fine literature concerning the subject. Many books are available that deal with the introductory level of basic interior design. Often these books are available at a local library, or a university library which has a design program. These collegiate libraries often extend lending privileges to individuals who carry a regular library card. I highly recommend that you visit your local library or bookstore should you wish to investigate this topic