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Kitchen cabinets are no more  apart of luxury but have become a part of regular.  The woman of the family spends most of her time in this room and it has to be elegant, pleasing and more than anything (Utility).  Kitchens can vary from 30,000 to 2 lakhs.

Carpentry Mademarine ply
The materials used are BWR (Boiled Water Resistant) plywood   with lamination on one side  and  enamel paint on  the  back  side of the  shutters.  There is a wide range of lamination   available and   hence   the look of  the   kitchen   can be made to suit your choice and taste.

Post Formed Laminated

post form
Post formation is the mechanism of heat pressing laminiation on BWR plywood.  This is long lasting and is water proof.  The only disadvantage of this is that the pattern on shutters, are not possible as it is a lamination board.


The PVC membrane is pressed on the MDF (Mild Density Fibre) board.  Any pattern can be made on the shutters and the kitchen would look very elegant.  These membranes are imported from Germany and a variety of colors are available to choose from.  Generally all readymade kitchens are made using this.  The life of this product may be around 5 – 7 years.


Rubber teakwood
This white / teak kitchen looks very elegant and is long lasting.  This is made of rubber / teak wood and hence has a natural finish.


The kitchen is carpentry made with BWR plywood.  The finish is Duco painting.  There is a wide variety of color shades available to choose from.

Hardware that can be used in the kitchen

Corosal Unit
Thali Vasket
Bottle Pullout Unit
Cutlery Organiser
Pantry Unit
Dustbin Holder
Pre laminated boards
Kitchen can be made of pre laminated boards available in market. Pre lam boards are ply boards which are laminated on both sides.



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