what is plywood?


Raw Material
Plywood board is made by glueing the thin sheets of wood layers at high pressure. It is easily availbale in the local market has very good strength. It is very widely used in making furniture and for other purposes. There are three styles of plywood available as follows:
  • Interior plywood
  • Exterior plywood
  • Shuttering grade plywood
Plywood is used in both for home as well as for commercial purpose and it is less expensive and flexible. This can be used for home décor, paneling, roofing, lining, flooring, and furniture. The plywood does not have grains so it is finished with paint. In case you wish wood grain finish and polish style then you would need to put veneers or teak ply on it
Plywood due to its structure is inherently more resistant to termite, moisture but if you finish it with veneer and polish then the same can be damaged by moisture.
  • Plywood is a strong wood made from many thin layers of peeled wood glued together so it has more strength compared to block boards, MDF and HDF.
  • Plywood is free from shrinking and warping.
  • Plywood is cheaper compared to other options with similar strength
Buy plywood from a good vendor otherwise lower quality plywood may peel into layers after extensive use

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