What is False Ceilings?

What is False Ceilings?
False ceilings are an essential part of interior décor which adds to the aesthetics and décor of your homes. Made from light weight gypsum plaster boards, false ceilings (drop ceilings) are structures suspended a few inches below the actual ceiling by means of a metal framing suspension system. They add a seamless and clean look to your room as ceilings offer the maximum unobstructed view in any space. With attractive design options, false ceilings can add a definitive character to the room with tasteful lighting and attractive colours to make the ceiling designs come alive.
Why False Ceilings?
Every corner of your home defines a part of your personality through the designs, colours and artifacts in that space. Classical, contemporary, modern or futuristic- the layout of your home, the kind of furniture, the kind of designs and textures on the walls and floor all talk of who you are. While we always like to look at the colours on the walls, the furniture, flooring tiles and artifacts, ceilings as a design element offer the maximum unobstructed view of any interior space.
False ceilings can offer a definitive look and feel to your rooms and build the right ambience as per your taste. With a wide array of designs options, false ceilings can enhance the décor of any room. Apart from stunning aesthetics, they offer functional benefits of thermal and sound insulation, better light reflectance and facilitate concealed and diffused lighting options.
Advantages of False Ceilings
False ceilings are not just an element of design, but can also offer functional benefits to you. Below mentioned are some of the major advantages false ceilings have to offer:

Concealment of wires: All the wiring for overhead fixtures like fans, lighting etc can be easily routed in the gap between the false ceiling and the soffit. This eliminates the crisscrossing of wires on the ceilings being visible and offers a clean and seamless look to your homes.

Mood lighting: False ceilings in homes can open up a whole world of mood lighting options. This can be applied by using concealed spot lights, diffused lighting as well as modern LED lighting fixtures. The right mix of false ceiling design with lights can build the right ambience for the room which can reflect your personal choice, space and tastes.

Energy Efficiency: False ceilings reduce the air volume of the room and can reduce the air-conditioning load. This in turn reduces the power consumption towards cooling the space. Also, with no crisscrossing wires, a perfectly finished false ceiling improves the light reflectance for natural light entering the room.

Thermal insulation: A very common occurrence in homes with the ceiling above exposed directly to the sun is the heat that comes through the ceiling. False ceiling are an effective way to manage this as the air gap between the soffit and the false ceiling offers thermal insulation that reduces the impact of the exposed sun.

Impact sound insulation: Sound coming in from the apartment above is also a commonly seen problem in apartment complexes. False ceiling reduce this sound by an appreciable level to offer you a peaceful environment in your homes.

Interior wallpapers, false ceilings

Interior wallpapers, false ceilings


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