African Interior Design

African Interior Design

African Interior Design

Bring the magnificence of the African landscape into your home. Choose an African inspired scheme for a simple, sophisticated and relaxed look, that will always be a talking point with visitors.

African interior design styles are a great way of bringing the unique landscape and experience of Africa, right into your home.

Any trip to Africa is an adventure – the massive landscapes, stretching out way in front of you, deserts, jungles, grassy plains and probably the most magnificent sunsets in the whole world. Then there are the game reserves and, of course, the animals, not to mention the unique, colourful culture….

It is no surprise that many people want to remember their wonderful experiences (or to anticipate adventures planned for the future!) and recreate the magic and beauty of Africa, in the comfort of their own home.

African interior design is a popular look, but still unusual enough to add great interest to your room. It is actually a really great look to live with, and not at all difficult to achieve…

Read on, to find out more…

african interior design

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Walls and Color

* African interior design is a simple, classic look. Your room does not need to be too cluttered or fussy.

* Just choose simple, flat walls, in a plain color, for the basis of your scheme. Warm neutrals are good – creams, beiges, coffee, taupe…

* For accents and focal walls choose a darker, warm color. Deep, rich colors like chocolate brown, or reds, yellows and oranges of the African sunset are ideal choices.

african interior design

* Green is also a possibility, if you want to go for a more jungly look, or a style more reminiscent of the grassy plains. If you fancy going for greens, try not to mix it with reds and oranges, as this does need to be a simple look.


* African interior design is a look that gets its strongest inspiration from nature – so natural floor coverings are a must.

* Plain, hard wood flooring is best – choose teak, mahogany, bamboo or even pine. If you want a really unusual wood, which fits the African interior design look, go for zebrano, it is really beautiful.

* Other floor-coverings you might want to consider are natural too – especially sisal or sea-grass.

* Choose these for rugs too, or subtle neutral colored woollen rugs – cream, beiges and browns. Animal skins (or faux/reproductions please!) are also a possibility, but do take care that you don’t overdo these, and end up with a fussy, tacky room.

* If you want something a little more exciting on your floor, go for a woven rug in typical, tribal African designs – very eye-catching!

african interior design

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* Furniture for the African interior design look should be simple, solid dark wood. Choose mahogany, teak or walnut for preference, and go for rustic styles.

* Sofas and upholstery could be a beautiful, dark brown leather, or cream/neutral linens or cottons. Generally, I would steer clear of patterns, and try to avoid encasing all your upholstery in animal print (unless you are very sure this is the very striking effect you want long term). There is plenty of room in an African interior design scheme for animal print, but I think it is best suited to accessories.


* Simple, unadorned windows will give you the best effect for your African inspired scheme.

* Choose dark wood plantation shutters, or dark wood, slatted Venetian blinds.

* Floaty white nets or voiles at the window can also give a wonderful, light and airy effect, while giving the impression of mosquito nets (in a nice way!)


* Accessories are definitely the best way of bringing a flavour of Africa into your home. And if you haven’t yet managed that trip of a lifetime, to discover your own souvenirs and treasures, there is no need to worry – there are plenty of African bits and pieces around – in import stores, Fair Trade stores, design stores, flea markets and on eBay.

* Essential items to look out for are tribal items and safari items.

african interior design tribal masks

* Include unusual African tribal masks on your walls – they are very striking and definitely make a statement in your room.

* Also add wooden carvings and figurines. These are quintessentially African, and will quickly transform a fairly neutral basis into your ideal African interior design oasis.

* Choose from wooden carvings of animals – elephants, rhinos and giraffes seem to be common.

* Also look out for carvings and figurines of strikingly beautiful African women, in tribal dress.

african interior design tribal figures

* Animal prints will make up a part of your African interior design scheme. Always go for prints and faux effects, rather than the real thing – to protect endangered species. Try to use animal prints as an effective accent rather than draping your room in them. Think of them for cushions, throws and even rugs.

* As well as animal prints, use hand-woven tribal textiles – wall-hangings, cushions and throws. These designs are very striking and unusual, and you will be sure to get a wonderful, hand-crafted item, made with great skill and care.

* For artwork on your walls, choose photos and paintings of animals – lions, giraffe, elephants, rhino etc – or pick pictures of the magnificent African sunsets. These could form the basis of your African interior design and color choices – and I guarantee you will immediately relax as you look at them.

* As a finishing touch, be sure to include lots of lush, leafy, green plants – to get a really authentic look.

I hope you enjoy the African interior design style in your home – it really is a wonderful and unusual look – one that can really bring to life the unique African experience for you…

This collection of fascinating artifacts and art from exotic destinations reflects your own taste for the exotic. So take time out to take a look, and find that perfect accessory for your own african inspired room…


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