Asian Decorating – How to Get the Look

Asian Decorating – How to Get the Look

If you love to travel, or just have a taste for the exotic and unusual, then you will love an Asian interior design style in your home.

It’s colorful, relaxed, unique and fun. Best of all, it can be whatever you want it to be…! So take your chance to stamp your unique personality on your Asian inspired room.

Asian decorating covers a wide variety of interior design styles. Asia is a whole, huge continent – including Japan, China and other oriental countries, as well as India and countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Nepal and lots of other countries too

If you love an exotic, Asian look but don’t want to commit yourself to a specific country or style, then go for this generic, Asian style instead. Bring aspects from all, or any, of the styles – however you choose!

This is a pretty easy and relaxed style – and that is part of the attraction for me, in bringing an Asian look into my own living room and home. So, just use these easy guides to add your own, unique, personal input, and let the style take you exactly where you want to go!

Walls and Color

* You can go for a very pale, neutral, wall color, for your Asian room, if you want to create a plain, neutral background for your Asian style.

* For a general, Asian style, you can’t go wrong with a dark wood flooring.

* A Japanese interior decorating style calls out for bamboo flooring or mats – but any and all Asian decorating styles will look great with gorgeous oriental and Indian style, patterned rugs.

* Don’t be afraid to mix and match Asian decorating styles, for a really unique and personal look.

* Quality, solid black or dark wood furniture is a great look for a general, Asian style. Plain, rustic furniture is ideal – or choose a carved, decorative style. For a more Chinese or Oriental look, go for a painted or glossy, lacquered style.

* For furniture it is best to choose most of your furniture in a plain and simple style. Only choose a few key pieces in a fancier style. And definitely only mix one Asian style with plainer pieces – or your room may just end up looking like a messy jumble, and ruin the effect!

Fabrics and Accessories

* Richly patterned fabrics are the mainstay of your Asian decorating style. Use them widely – as curtains and drapes, wall-hangings and throws.

* Go for any and all styles – again you can easily mix and match between the different designs and looks – just read these easy interior design tricks for using pattern successfully in your home.

* Asian inspired accessories are a must for your home. Use Chinese, Japanese, Indian or other Asian accessories, that you have discovered on your travels.

asian decorating lanterns

* If you haven’t discovered treasures of your own, in far-flung locations, check out eBay for exotic bits and pieces, or even import stores for Asian type accessories, in all different styles.

* This collection of fascinating artifacts and art from exotic destinations reflects your own taste for the exotic. (Click on ‘Asian’ in the left hand menu to access the gorgeous, inspired, Asian accessories and furniture – I love it!)

* Easy accessories to look out for are carved wood ornamentation and wall art, wall-hangings, ornate silver, wrought-iron, lanterns, candlesticks, pottery and ceramics, as well as opulent fabrics.

* Again, mixing and matching is a really good idea for your accessories – and will make your look really unique and personal! You will also look like you have had all the exotic holidays and travelling experiences, that go with the treasures – and everyone will be very envious, I am sure!

* Just go with what you like, and what you feel will suit your home the best…


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