Greek Interior Designs

Greek Interior Designs

Greek Interior Designs – Bring the beauty of glorious Greece into your home.

Be inspired to recreate the easy, relaxed atmosphere in your own home.

Have you ever holidayed in Greece? If so, then you will be very familiar with the stunning scenery, wonderful sunshine and very relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Sparkling seas, cloudless skies, and the unforgettable smell of sun-baked earth, make this a feeling you will really want to remember when you get home – and a look you will really want to recreate in your home…

Greek interior designs are actually very easy to achieve – and a very comfortable look to live with.

Walls and Color

* Greek interiors are very simple and rustic – quite minimalist and even Spartan in style.

* Your walls should be white – they can be smooth and simple, or bumpy and textured, with a ‘gravely’ texture.

* There does not need to be much architectural detail in your room – keep it simple – no architectural mouldings, and a bare and simple fireplaces.

* If you do want an accent of color, for example, on a fireplace wall, choose a Mediterranean blue, turquoise, bright yellow or rich rusts.

greek interior designs benches

* Wall hangings are a fantastic way of getting Greek designs into your home. Choose thick, textile, woven wall-hangings, in deep rich colors in geometric shapes.

* Wall-hangings will bring a fantastic touch of color, texture and interest to your room. They will give your room a warm and friendly feel, and make a great focal point.


* Hardwood flooring is good for Greek interior designs – terracotta tiles are best – they give a lovely warm feel to your room, whilst being very typically authentic Greek.

* A stone floor is a good look too. Carpet does not really work well for Greek interiors – but do add plenty of textured rugs, with rustic-style, geometric designs, in a variety of deep, warm, rust shades. Check out some of these gorgeous rugs: Heriz rugs are renowned for their earth tones and geometric patterns in shades of rust red, with beige, navy, brown or black.


* You don’t need very much furniture for authentic Greek interiors – just keep it all very simple!

* Furniture pieces that you choose to include in your room should be quality wood – solid, slightly worn and rustic in style.

* Choose low-level furniture – benches, floor cushions and coffee tables – for a very relaxing, easy-to-live-with style.


* Choose bare windows, or very simple window treatments, such as wooden shutters – paint them blue for a very authentic Greek interior design look.

* Simple white voiles, or thin muslin curtains will also look good, and soften your look up a lot. They can also provide you with some much needed privacy…

* Wrought iron is a fantastic feature to choose for Greek interior designs. Choose wrought iron for your lighting – chandeliers, wall sconces and candlesticks.

* Candlesticks, and/or white fairy lights, should be an essential part of your Greek interior design scheme – for relaxing, mellow evenings in.

* Add plenty of rustic pottery, to get a really authentic Greek interior design look. Go for natural clay, or pretty, brightly colored, painted glazes and patterns.

greek interior designs urn

* Greek urns are a very typical choice for your Greek decorating look.

* Remember to pick up plenty of unusual pottery while you are away on holidays. Also bring back lovely textiles and rugs, or search out unique bargains in flea markets, or on eBay.

* Pile on beautiful, rustic-style, patterned cushions and throws, to give a warm, comfortable and friendly look to your room.

Getting the look in Cool Climates

* Greek interiors are a great look in warm places – but they can feel a little stark and out of place in cool climates, and under grey, rainy skies.

* If this is the case, warm the look up with lots of textures – more rugs on the floor, more wall-hangings, more cushions and throws and curtains.

* Include warm colors like yellows and terracottas (rather than cool blues).

* Give the look a try – and hopefully you will be able to bring a little of that gorgeous Greek sunshine into your home.

This really is a lovely relaxing look – very warm and friendly, and a pretty unusual style and feel – so why not just go for something a bit different. Remind yourself of those happy holidays, and really enjoy your Greek interior designs.


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