Interior Design Chinese Style

Interior Design Chinese Style

Learn how to get a beautiful and rich, exotic look in your home.

Choose a Chinese interior design style, for the ultimate in color, pattern and opulence for your home. A fantastic style to consider…

If you are interested in Asian Decorating styles, or oriental interior design, then take a look at this Chinese influenced look – for a really dramatic and unusual design scheme.

The term oriental decor refers to designs and schemes from the East (also known as ‘The Far East’).

This refers to countries like China, Japan, Thailand, Korea and Vietnam, as well as other countries in the east.

The main countries to provide the inspiration for oriental interior design schemes are China and Japan.

The Chinese look is a vibrant look – filled with color and pattern. It is a fantastic look for people who want to bring a little bit of the exotic into their lives. It is an unusual look, but relaxing, cosy, and easy to live with.

Walls and Color

* Typical Chinese interior design colors are red and black. The red is a bright, rich primary red.

* Also use other rich and bright colors, like blue, yellow or green.

* A little bit of gold decoration is a vital part of Chinese color and design.

* Your walls can be plain (but richly colored), or patterned with wallpaper. Try to choose a wallpaper pattern with an oriental inspiration – such as oriental lettering and calligraphy, bamboo, flowers, birds or fish.

oriental interior design sofa

* As an alternative, if you feel your home is too small or dark for such bright colors, or if you are not massively into colors, but still want to get the oriental feel in your room, try a very pale and neutral background – and get the oriental feel with the furniture and accessories (more on that later..!)


* Ornate furniture is a very important part of Chinese interior design.

* Suitable furniture is typically Chinese – quality wood, with a very fine, glossy lacquer, in black, or varying shades of red.

* The furniture will have decorative carving, ornate inlays or very detailed and beautiful paintings, and fancy handles.

oriental interior design chinese cabinet

* These are very striking statement pieces – so you probably don’t want to dilute the effect, by filling your room with a jumble of different designs or colors.

* Choose one (or even several) statement furniture pieces in this typical Chinese oriental style. The rest of your furniture should be pretty low-key – ideally in a plain black, or dark wood.


* Accessories are the best place to really get an authentic Chinese oriental interior design look.

* Look out for very typically Chinese, oriental style rugs to use on your floor.

* Use Chinese paper lanterns for your lighting – these will give quite a soft, warming glow to your room – and a very relaxing atmosphere.

* Look out for rich, opulent fabrics – such as richly embroidered silks, in Chinese designs.

oriental interior design cushions

* Look for ornaments and fabrics with the following, typically Chinese motifs: animals and mystical beasts – monkeys, dragons and tigers, also beautiful flowers, birds and fish.

* Try to include some beautiful Chinese ceramics and pottery in your oriental interior design scheme. Look for the above same designs and motifs on bowls, plates, pots, vases and ginger jars.

oriental interior design pottery

* Blue and white pottery is a very typical Chinese design style – so try to include some in your oriental design scheme.

It is worthwhile scouring flea markets, antique stalls and especially eBay, for unique Chinese treasures…



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