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Another 50 Ways to Market Your Interior Design

Another 50 Ways to Market Your Interior Design Business
51. Create a professional WEBSITE illustrating the best of what you do. Rather than posting a slew of mediocre work, select one great image to illustrate your finest capabilities.

52. Develop a short and sweet BRANDING STATEMENT to quickly set your firm apart from the competition.

53. Create a WEBINAR to teach others more about a special aspect of interior design.

54. Develop a CONTINUING EDUCATION CLASS about a unique product or service you offer.

55. ESTABLISHING GOALS will set you down the right path from the get-go and help jump-start your progress.

56. PRIVATE LABEL the products you sell to eliminate competition online or locally.

57. Create GIVE-A-WAY promotional or gift items to act as a reminder to clients of the fabulous job you did for them, i.e. personalized desk set, paperweight, bath soaps.

58. When joining social networking sites DO NOT MIX PERSONAL WITH BUSINESS.

59. Remember, everything you say on the INTERNET IS FOREVER.

60. Maintain HIGH ETHICAL STANDARDS even if it seems more difficult, because without ethics, business will be more difficult.

61. Reiterate your EDUCATION, BACKGROUND and EXPERTISE at every opportunity.

62. If you are a member of an interior design organization clearly state YOUR MEMBERSHIP LEVEL. While you may fool some of the people some of the time, you may set yourself up as an impostor if you generalize your claim to infer higher ranking membership.

63. If you are licensed in your state to practice interior design, every document should bear the REGISTERED INTERIOR DESIGNER (RID NUMBER). Licensing guarantees to the public that you have been screened by an independent third party and will be held accountable for any wrong doing or unethical behavior.

64. If you have a certificate from the National Council of Interior Design Qualifications place the NCIDQ CERTIFICATE NUMBER on everything.

65. Develop a campaign to promote, for example, a healthier lifestyle, a sense of community or a clearer perception of the VALUE of your services.

66. WRITE A BOOK about some aspect of interior design to sell in your place of business, to give away to clients and to promote on your Website.

67. Create a campaign to DONATE PROCEEDS to a local charity or community organization.

68. Offer FREE DESIGN SERVICES to your local charity or community organization.

69. Develop a coupon for a “REFER A FRIEND” campaign.

70. Obtain in writing the right to PUBLISH PHOTOGRAPHS of your project at the outset of a job, not at the end. A project without pictures is almost worthless.

71. Even if you hire a professional photographer on every project, buy a digital camera to document every aspect of the job, including close-up and vignette IMAGES for future marketing opportunities.

72. If promoting your business as primarily residential, call attention to commercial work as well, in order to CAPTURE POTENTIAL CLIENTS in every facet of design.

73. Clients come in all shapes and sizes. Determine the right SIZE AND SHAPE for your business.

74. Hand write a THANK YOU to all clients when their project is finished, thanking them for the opportunity to work with them.

75. Create a hyper-target advertising campaign. Instead of mass targeting to a large audience, MICRO-TARGET to the extreme: sex, age, location, occupation and favorite pastime.

76. Create a BONUS PROGRAM such as, “For every $1,000 spent a donation of X number of dollars will be made to a special project.”

77. Create a SURVEY to give to all clients for their evaluation of the job.

78. Ask each client for a TESTIMONIAL and permission to use it in promotional materials.

79. SPONSOR events and organizations you support.

80. GET INVOLVED in your community helping those who are less fortunate. There are many individuals and organizations in need who would welcome your service.

81. If and when you BLOG, be sure you are not appropriating artwork, images, words or copyrights from others.

82. EXPERIMENT with advertising campaigns, but do so one at a time so you will know which campaign is actually working for you and at what cost.

83. Offer a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION to preview a potential project, to understand the scope of services needed and to determine if the client is someone you really want to work with, but do not provide free design services as this will undermine your credibility.

84. Create a client preference CHECK LIST for the client to complete following the initial meeting. This will illustrate your expertise and help you better understand the client’s wishes and desires.

85. Develop a GREEN approach to your services, as everyone, everywhere wants something green they can hang their hat on. This could be included in the client preference check list.

86. Become ECO FRIENDLY and illustrate this to your clients. Offer clients listings of services for recycling existing furniture, fabrics or equipment, as well as glass, plastic, batteries, equipment, etc.

87. Separate yourself from the pack by illustrating your UNIQUE DESIGN APPROACH.

88. When selecting a company name make sure it is not generic and could be developed into a TRADEMARK. This could become your most valuable asset.

89. Participate in a local DESIGNER SHOW HOUSE. While it takes time and money, it is an outstanding way to provide great portfolio images of your work. Not all of your design jobs are as elaborate or as perfect as those of a show house.

90.  Always find a way to offer the BEST SOLUTION for every job. When working on a project, if you feel the clients are unable to make decisions, work up an alternate solution to give them a new viewpoint. Once they can visualize the difference, they will often make the right choice. The trust of your clients requires your every effort to ensure they get the best possible choice.

91. Rather than watching an opportunity pass by, get into gear. Set time aside every week to further develop a MARKETING SCHEME.

92. Develop a list of PUBLISHING SOURCES and send a press release every month. Go from “Who are you?” to “How are you?” for recognition of your name and business.

93. Target a specific, perhaps LESSER KNOWN NICHE, with a special program to see if it creates additional leads or interest.

94. Do not expect any program to work for you, unless you WORK IT. If you do not have a responsive means for following up on a lead, the lead will vanish.

95. Provide a commission or REWARD SYSTEM for any member of your firm who is responsible for bringing in new business.

96. Make sure your STAFF UNDERSTANDS when one person fails, the whole company fails.

97. PLAY IT UP. Everyone is drawn to things that are pretty, unique or outstanding. The greatest way to win someone’s attention is with a pleasant attitude and a big, beautiful smile.

98. You can not control time, but you can control what you do with it. TRACK YOUR TIME to determine what is and is not billable to discover where time is being wasted.

99. DO WHAT YOU DO BEST and leave the rest to the rest. Don’t spread yourself too thin. Decide where you want to go and put your efforts there.

100. CONSISTENTLY PROMOTE your firm in a specific set of places to breed familiarity.