Minimalist Interior Design

Minimalist Interior Design

Minimalist Interior Design Schemes – Enjoy a smart, relaxing, clutter-free look in your home.

Be inspired by live-able new looks. Modern minimal looks are softer, and easy to live with.

Do you wish you had a simple, soothing, relaxing home – that’s clutter free?

If so, then a minimalist style could be just what you are looking for…

Although a minimalist interior design style is, well … ‘minimalist’, modern minimalist style is not the harsh, stark style of years ago.

The new minimalist interior design look is softer, more personal and easier to live with – perhaps the rules have just relaxed a little…?

You do have to be a certain kind of person to live easily with a minimalist look.

If you find it easy to stay tidy, hate clutter and are very organised, then this look may well be ideal for you.

If you are a little bit messy, struggle to stay tidy, like your knick-knacks and collectables, or just enjoy seeing all your stuff around you, you will probably feel uncomfortable with a minimalist interior design look.

However much I like the look of a minimalist style – and I really do – I have come to realise that this is not the look for me.

For this style to work, you really do need to keep your home tidy, clean and totally clutter-free.

Your rewards for all this hard work will be worth it though – when it is done well, a minimalist interior design style is not only relaxing, soothing and tranquil, but also a super, modern, cutting-edge look.

minimalist interior design

Walls and Color

* White is the ultimate color for a minimalist interior design look. White should form the basis of your minimalist decorating scheme – for smooth walls, floor and furniture.

* For a modern, softer alternative to white, try neutral colors, or colors found in nature – choose pale beige, taupe, stone or even green.

* Stick to pale and neutral colors for the whole of your color scheme, but accent colors are allowed.

* Accent colors can be as much or as little as you like – from a couple of cushions or a vase, to a whole wall, or even a piece of furniture, like a sofa.

* Choose one color (or color group) for your accent color, and only include this one color – don’t try to mix in too many colors, or you will lose the simple, stylish effect.

* Bright red is always a great accent color – but other bright colors are really just as good – so just go ahead and choose your favourite bright color!

minimalist interior design red table

* An alternative is to continue on the ‘natural neutrals’ path – and pick a deeper brown or olive green for your accent color.

* Don’t pick patterns or anything too fancy.

* Although clean lines and smooth walls are a really important part of this look, you needn’t worry if you do have traditional or decorative-looking architectural features – just minimise any potential ‘fussiness’ by painting any features in the same color as the walls


* Your furniture should be classy-looking but streamlined and modern, rather than decorative or traditional in style.

* Choose plain furniture in natural woods and leather, or go for bright colors, and ultra-modern chrome, glass and stainless steel.

* Glossy textures and straight lines are a great look for the minimalist interior design style.

* Low level furniture looks less bulky, and so really enhances the minimalist feel in your room.

minimalist interior design bedroom


* Go for clean lines and hard surfaces for minimalist flooring – concrete, tiles or wood are all ideal.

* Or go for that really natural feel with sisal matting.

* You needn’t go totally bare though (…on your floor!). Add a little texture, warmth and ‘live-ability’ with a rug. Look especially for modern rug styles.


* Your windows and window treatments should also be kept very simple for true minimalist interior design style.

* Bare windows are great – but if you like a little privacy choose simple, modern shutters or blinds.

* If you feel like your minimalist look still needs a little more softening up to suit you, choose white voiles, muslins or nets, in straight panels or simple drapes.

minimalist interior design kitchen


* Accessories are not a major part of the minimalist interior design look – the whole idea is to clear out the clutter, and have as little ‘stuff’ as possible on show.

* Storage is, of course, a very big factor. Everyone does have stuff – and uses stuff all the time – so to keep this look neat and tidy (just the way it should be!) invest in plenty of roomy storage (easily accessible!) to keep it all hidden away.

* You won’t need very many accessories, but it is very important to choose the ones you do include very carefully.

* One large, statement picture, in your chosen accent color, is better than a jumble of small pictures. Why not make it into your focal point?


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  1. I need help and adv in designing my home within a reasonable budget…not very expensive….more of a minimalist interior design…can u pls help? =)

  2. I need advice in designing my flat within a reasonable budget….more of a minimalist interior design…please contact on below.

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