Modern Italian Interior Decorating Designer Style

Modern Italian Interior Decorating
Designer Style

Choose a modern, Italian interior decorating style for your home.

Get the look of luxury! A real designer look – without the price tag! Find out how…

Italians have long been known as world leaders in romance and style.

As long ago as in Roman times, Italian interior decorating styles did actually influence the world – and today the world still looks to Italy for stylish interior design answers.

So, if you want a super-stylish, sophisticated and designer look, you have come to the right place … Italian interior decorating is definitely the way to go!

What does Italian design and decorating mean to you, though?

* A cultured, traditional Neo-classical style?

* A rustic Italian style Click to discover more about Tuscany decorating styles.

* A quality, designer, Italian decorating style? This is the look I will take you through now – and help you to bring this inspirational style into your own home…

A designer, Italian interior decorating style is a quality, contemporary look – very leading edge – and very desirable!

This is the perfect look for a modern home – streamlined, clutter free and very expensive looking… It is very easy to live with, and will give you the ultimate feeling of luxury and pampering… and doesn’t actually have to be expensive! Once you know what you are looking for, it is easy to shop around for inexpensive versions…

Just follow these easy guidelines, to get a luxurious, Italian designer style, in your own home…

italian interior decorating


* The basis of your Italian decorating scheme should be white – just white! – not cream, or off-white – a bright, clean, simple white.

* Paint walls and ceilings in white – it will give your room a modern, clutter-free feel, and will show off your beautiful statement pieces to their best advantage.

* Don’t worry – you will be able to include some color – as accents – in accessories and furnishings – soft neutrals – taupes and soft mushrooms – or a bright red and other bold, modern colors are all good.


* You don’t need much furniture – a few, well chosen, quality pieces are better than lots of cheaper items.

* Italian styles pick leading edge looks – with the emphasis on function, form and especially style.

* The leather industry is very important in Italy – and the leather produced in Italy is considered to be of very fine quality – very soft and very comfortable too.

* Choose simple, modern-looking sofas and chairs, in leather and chrome – black or brown leather is a classic, neutral choice – or this is a very good chance to try out some colors.

* Other items of furniture should be of good quality – choose simple modern items, in wood, acrylic, chrome or glass, and mix these with beautiful antique pieces.

italian interior decorating


* The modern, streamlined, quality look goes for your flooring too – so keep it lovely and clean and pale – to go with your white walls, and clutter-free look.

* Top flooring materials for the Italian interior decorating look are:

o Marble – this is another fine, Italian product

o Tiles – choose fine, ceramic or terracotta tiles – these are fine, quality items produced in Italy too – to try to look out for Italian tiles to get the best quality and an authentic look!

o Parquet Flooring – this is an ideal choice if you want a warmer look (…and feel!) to your home. Wood is a lot warmer, and softer underfoot than marble or tiles!

o Don’t fit carpets to an Italian styled room – but Persian rugs will look great – and add that air of luxury, antique and fine designer style. Take a look at these beautifully designed, luxury rugs, that will give you that ideal air of simple quality in your home. Antique Persian rugs can date back hundreds of years. Now you can own one for less at These are genuine, antique rugs – so it is a fantastic opportunity to get a real piece of quality history in your home – without paying over the odds!


* Certain areas of Italy – Prato, Como and Biella – are famous for the fine and beautiful fabrics they produce. Luxury-looking fabrics are an absolute essential for the Italian interior decorating style.

* Use beautiful and fantastic fabrics for curtains and also wall-hangings.

* Tapestries are actually a really good look for the Italian interior decorating style – a perfect purchase, for the mixture of modern designer style and beautiful, family antiques.

Take a look at these tapestries and wall hangings for your home. Any one of these would give you the perfect look for your luxury Italian designer home.


* Accessories should be few and far between – whether you choose splendid antiques, or modern, statement pieces.

* Choose each item on its artistic merit and position it in your room with great care!

* The same applies when you choose any lamp or lighting too – pick beautiful, antique or modern chandeliers, table lamps or floor lamps – and arrange carefully!

You should now have a luxurious, designer look Italian interior decorating style room. Every pore of your room should scream (…or whisper quietly!) luxury, style, sophistication and good taste. Relax, luxuriate and pamper yourself – and enjoy the best of everything, in your beautiful, luxury Italian designer home.


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