What are wall decals?

 What are wall decals?

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Wall decals and wall stickers are self-adhesive vinyl stickers made for applying to a surface.

Traditionally this is exactly the same as sign writing on shops, cars, signs.  However, they have been increasing in popularity as decorating items for homes, office, shops and other commercial applications.

The USA and Europe led the way with more and more websites popping up that offered designs online that could be made into wall decals.  It has caught on and now it seems there are 100’s of websites offering wall decals.

Wall stickers and wall decals are a great alternative to wallpaper, paint or stencils and they give you choice. Choose your space, plan the design you`d like to make, and then apply. And when you`re tired of your design, say after years, a month, maybe a day – the decals are removable.

A “true” wall decal is cut from vinyl. Vinyl is a synthetic material that appears like a thin plastic, but it is not plastic. A decal will have a backing paper and a front transfer paper. Vinyls are a thin self adhesive material, and are able to withstand heat which can be used to ensure it sticks properly to the surface. Vinyl likes the heat and will contour to the surface.
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